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The present era is dominated by the fashion and the lifestyle industry. Now-a-days everyone wants to look perfect as per the latest trends and fashion. People do experiments with their looks and outfits to enhance their personality as well as to make their own style statement. The world has unlimited beauties of nature and one need eyes to see and appreciate these charms in one way or the other. Eyes are always an important part of human beings life therefore it is necessary for people to take a good care of them as these are God gifted to us. To protect eyes from the outer harms, Sunglasses are one of the best examples. These not just give comfort to eyes but also protect them from the harmful UV rays, dust and dirt. The market of lifestyle which is flooded with numbers of brands render the best quality ofsunglassesfor the people as per their needs and demands but the one brand that won every heart with its unique design, colours and finishing is Oakley. Going into the history of the...
Do you wear eyeglasses? If the answer is yes, then do you know how eyeglasses work? Let me tell you about that. Eyeglasses fix vision problems by bending incoming light rays and make them focus properly on a particular point on your retinas. The stronger the prescription, the more light-bending is required leading to thicker lenses. Now, let throw some light on high index lenses. Different materials are used to makeeyeglasses. Some of those materials are more efficient in bending lights than others which mean mens ray ban sunglasses it take less of one material to bend the same amount of light compared to other materials. Refractive index is the name of the measurement of this property. Refractive index is directly proportional to efficiency i.e. the higher this refractive index, the more efficient the material and vice versa. If the refractive index of a material is more than glass 1.52, only then it is considered as high-index. There are several materials with different refractive...
To make you look cool, sunglasses are very useful and trendy fashion accessories. They come in numerous colors, styles, shapes and brands. There are polarized, prescription, clip-on, flexible, mens, womens, unisex, childrens, designer, custom-made, police, pilot, rescue, biker discount ray ban glasses , skier and other sports sunglasses. Even you will find sunglasses with built-in audio digital players. Have you ever wondered how are all these different sunglasses made? Out of all the types of lenses, glass is still the most preferred one. Glass is more scratch resistant and has better visual quality than plastic ones. Photo chromic lens become dark whenever it get exposed to sun light. Photo chromic lenses, made of glass, are mor0065 efficient in the reduction of UV rays. Gradient lenses are quite dark at the upper half and gradually become lighter toward the lower half. Usuall ray ban sunglasses black y gray or brown tints are used for polarized lenses. But for tr ray ban wayfarer p...
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